Show results Shun & Saya

To be allowed to breed at the Nippon Inu breed club, Shun and Saya need two show qualifications.

Shun doesn’t like crowds like a show. In 2020 we participated the online Christmas Dogshow and she achieved a “Very Good”.

On November 6, 2021 we did our first live show in Bleiswijk. Shun did very well despite the stress and achieved a “Very Good” again. We’re glad the shows are over for her. Saya did very well too and doesn’t care about the crowds around her. She got her first qualification “Very Good”.

Saturday March 7, 2022 there was a “show” of the Nippon Inu breed club. This was Saya’s second and last “show” and  she got the last qualification.

Since we are no fan of shows, we will not do any more shows with Shun and Saya.

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