Welcome on the website of Shiba Inu kennel “Mori Nohata”.

We are a starting breeder of the Shiba.
Since 2016 we live close to the Staphorster forest. Which is where our kennel name Mori Nohata is coming from. In Japanese it means “on the edge of the forest”.

Health and character are important to us.  We aim to breed social and healthy puppies whose parents are (clear) tested for Hip Dysplasia (HD), Patellar Luxation and hereditary eye disorders (ECVO). We breed according of the rules of the “Raad van Beheer” and breeding clubs Nippon Inu and NVAI.


We cannot always be reached by
telephone due to poor reception.

“Shiba Inu: a breed of character!”

  • Saya

Health tests Saya

25 April 2022|

For the past few months we have had the health tests done at Saya and we are very happy with the results.

Shun gave birth again!

4 April 2022|

Shun gave birth again! Three beautiful puppies were born. Sadly, two of them past away. The last one is not available anymore!

  • Echo 32 dagen

Shun is pregnant!

28 February 2022|

Shun is pregnant! Today pregnancy was confirmed by ultrasound. At least 4 puppies were seen. So, at the end of March Shun wille be a mommy again! We can't

  • Shun & Basho

Mating Shun & Basho

28 January 2022|

There has been a mating between Shun & Basho. We do'nt take in requests untill pregnancy is confirmed by ultrasound. Request procedure will be found under "Puppies".

Shun gave birth

28 July 2020|

Shun gave birth to 4 beautiful puppies. The delivery went according to the book. We are very proud of our first litter. There are NO puppies available!