Health examinations

On November 14, 2019, Shun passed the health tests.

Patellar Luxation
A dog has Patellar Luxation when the kneecap can be pushed out of the groove of the thigh. During the examination, the vet feels with his fingers and thumbs whether this is the case. In addition, other aspects of the knees are assessed. With Shun, the kneecap could not be moved out of the groove of the thigh. That is why she received both (as a final assessment) Patella Luxatie clear (fixed).

Shun was given eye drops half an hour prior to the eye exam. The eye drops open the pupil and the eye can be seen well. In a dark room, the eye specialist examines various eye conditions. Shun’s eyes were clear. The eye exam is repeated annually.

Hip dysplasia (HD)
An x-ray of the hips was made under anesthesia. This X-ray is assessed by the Raad van Beheer. Various aspects of the femoral heads and cups and the presence of bone proliferation are examined. Shun’s hips have been rated HD A. This means that based on the X-ray, Shun is clear from Hip Dysplasia. In addition, no bone proliferation was present. An indication of the quality of the hip joints is also given, the so-called Norberg value. With a normal hip joint, the Norberg value is between 30 and 40. Shun’s final assessment gave a Norberg value of 37.5.

Shun passed the health tests with flying colors, which means that we can and may breed with her. We are very happy with these results

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