Puppies on the way!

Echo Saya
Today the ultrasound showed multiple puppies. We don’t know exactly how many, but it will be a huge litter for our little Saya. In a few weeks we will make an x-ray to be sure.
Dam: Saya (Dakini no Shinwa go Yukiko Kensha)
  • HD A
  • Patella 0/0
  • ECVO clear (2022)
Sire: Tenshô (Ch. Shizen no Tamashii Getsuga Tenshou NJK BundesJugSgr’19 DEJugCh’19 HCW’21 GW’22)
  • HD A
  • Patella 0/0
  • ECVO clear 2022  (note Distichiasis/Ectopisch cilie 2020)

The color of the puppies will be dirty red.

Interested in a puppy? Here you will find the request procedure for a puppy. 
When the puppies are born we will contact future puppie owners.

We breed according to the rules of the Raad van Beheer and breed clubs NIPPON INU and NVAI.

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