Date on the schedule!

  • Shishi No Ichiran Go Bangaischisou
  • Shun Waka Go
Shun has unexpectedly come into heat earlier. We are now determining the correct breeding time by measuring the progesterone level in the blood.
The planned combination is: Chico ( Shishi No Ichiran Go Bangaischisou) x Shun (Waka Go Chiisana Kitsune). From this combination we expect puppies with the colors red, red sesame and black & tan.
Health results Shun and Chico:
*Hip dysplasia: A – Clear
*Patellar Luxation: 0/0 Clear
*ECVO: Clear
We breed according tot de rules of ‘Raad van Beheer’ and the breed club NVAI.
If the mating succeeds and we expect puppies, we will mention this on the website and our Facebook page.

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